Car Accident

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My bad luck is not end yet. Car got rapped from the back during my way to work. Feel hurt for my 6 months old car.

Picture taken in Police station.

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Vietnamese @ Co Do, Mid Valley

Monday, March 26, 2007

CỐDỐ is a Vietnamese restaurant located in 3rd floor, mid valley, on top of the Little Vietnam. The restaurant run by the same owner of Little Vietnam, with serve of different food menu. Some items might be duplicate but CoDo emphasis on Vietnamese Dim Sum.

I went there some time ago, I didn't order the dim sum, instead I their cold vermicelli grilled set. They claim to be authentic Vietnamese and it's a "must try" item. RM35++ with free Ice Lime Tea, enough for 2 person. The set are cold vermicelli, raw bean sprout salad, cucumber, tomato, basil leave, pickles, spring roll, chicken ham, chicken meat skewer, fish cake, Chargrilled Lemongrass beef (or chicken). I like the grilled beef, it's well marinated, grill garnish with sesame seed. The beef taste sweet and tender with mild lemongrass taste. To eat, take some vermicelli to your bowl, and mix with the salad, fish cake and the rest, then add some grinded peanuts, deep fried shallots and put add a lot of fish sauce (taste sweet). With no surprise, this is Vietnamese.

I've been missing from blog space for more than a month, not even returning to my blog to reply the comments left by you. Sorry for some of you who keep coming back to my blog to check new posts. I was running a project for since the last 2 months, it's hard to stay sane under such awful pressure. In fact the mental stress has disrupted my hormones system, I"m currently under medication and need to continue for the next 4~6 months. I couldn't eat out that often...

Co Do
Lot T-052, Level 3, Mid Valley
59200 Kuala Lumpur

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Xiao Long Bao @ Nanxiang Mantou Dian, The Curve

Monday, March 05, 2007

People went to Shanghai say that Nanxiang have the best Xiao Long Bao, some people say that Nanxiang is better than Din Tai Fung. Well, Nanxiang is more famous as it's started in Shanghai since year 1900 where Ding Tai Fung is originated from Taiwan. If I happen to go to Shanghai, I must give it a try, I want to taste if Taipei Ding Tai Fung better or Shanghai Nanxiang is better.

Nanxiang went into international business since 2003, Nanxiang has open in Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong and thank god, the famous Xiao Long Bao is available in Malaysia now at The Curve. I went there last Sunday to have some bite before my workout.

Xiao Long Bao (6 pieces, RM12)

Since it's a Xiao Long Bao shop, the shop offer varieties Xiao Long Bao compare to others Shanghainese La Mian and Xiao Long Bao shop. It has total of 7, i.e.

  1. Xiao Long Bao with vegetable
  2. Xiao Long Bao with pork (6 for RM12)
  3. Xiao Long Bao with mushroom pork (6 for RM12)
  4. Xiao Long Bao with shrimp pork (6 for RM15)
  5. Xiao Long Bao with sauteed crabmeat pork (6 for RM16)
  6. Xiao Long Bao with fresh crabmeat, crab roe pork (4 for RM20)
  7. Xiao Long Bao with imported matsutake mushroom pork (4 for RM32)

Judging from the look, the Xiao Long Bao look nice, at least 18 folds for each dumpling, and filled with plenty of soup and meats filling. The dumpling skin is slightly thick, but still within my acceptable range. The soup is fine, but the pork meat filling kind of dry, maybe it's insufficient pork lard. I doubt the quality is same with Shanghai main outlet standard, otherwise Nanxiang should not consider the best xiao long bao.

Crabmeat, Crab Roe Xiao Long Bao (4 pieces, RM20)

The Crab roe Xiao Long Bao is nice. The soup and the filling are sweat, due to the crabmeat and roe in the dumpling. Guess what, the crabmeat and roe is taken from Hairy Crab, imported from Shanghai. 4 pieces for RM20 is quite expensive though.

Dumpling Soup (RM15)

Have you ever drink soup with a straw? This is something new to me. I have seen this on TV and now I've try it myself. This is Steamed dumpling with crab roe soup. It's look like a giant Xiao Long Bao, with full of soup. The soup is sweat and ginger spicy, it's pricey but not bad. The soup was extremely hot, it's still hot even leave on the table for 5 minutes. The waiter did advise to be careful when sucking the soup.

Overall, the quality of the food is fine but service is bad. I waited 20 minutes to get my food served. I might give it a try again during off peak for other food. A lot customer ordered the fried rice, I guess it must be special or nice.

Other Review:

Nanxiang Mantou Dian 南翔馒头店
The Curve
Lot G41a, Ground Floor, Mutiara Damansara
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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Chili Pan Mee @ Face to Face Noodles House Damansara Perdana

Friday, February 23, 2007

Restoran Face to Face is located same row as TK Chong. This shop opened early of the year of 2007. The shop's sign was pulling my attention, green color sign with big Chinese POP designed name, and it's unusual to see a Chinese sign name bigger than Malay in Malaysia.

The sign tell that it's a pan mee specialist, since it's a "specialist" then I would expect it's good. All the noodles are house made, the shop is selling 9 types of noodle, i.e.
  • House Specialty Hot & Spicy Pan Mee (Soup/Dried)
  • Curry Pan Mee (Soup/Dried)
  • Braise Pork Noodle(Soup/Dried)
  • Chef's Special Pan Mee in Soup
  • Creations Minced Pork Pan Mee
  • Black Pepper Pan Mee
  • Sarawak Noodle with Dark Soy Sauce & Chili Sauce
  • Sarawak Noodle with Dark Soy Sauce
  • Traditional Sarawak Noodle
House Specialty Hot & Spicy Pan Mee is the most famous item, I have the dried version.

House Specialty Hot & Spicy Pan Mee (RM4.30 (R) RM4.90 (L))

The pan mee serve with minced meat, anchovies, poached egg and spring onion. Chili is on the table, I added a spoonful of dry chilies. Dried pan mee is normally no surprising me, after all it's just noodle make from flour, cooked and mix with soy sauce, dark soy sauce and sesame sauce. The chili is hot , minced meat was great, but noodle is a little bit hard to me. It's delicious but not surprise. I never try the famous Restoran Kin Kin Chili pan-mee at Jalan TAR, can't comment if it is better.

House Specialty Dumpling (RM3.50)

The dumpling is really big size, with a lot of minced meat and fresh prawn, serve in delicious sweet stock. Can't remember if that was MSG, it's really nice.

Restoran Face to Face
11A-1, Jalan PJU8/51,
Perdana Business Centre

My New Gadget - Heart Rate Monitor

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I bought this Polar F6 heart rate monitor from Amazon, just arrive on time! You know what, for the first 3 days of CNY, I gain 3kg of weight! OMG. I'm so envy people like tekko, no matter how much he eat, he is still under weight, what an unfair world.

Heart Rate Monitor, the name tell what it is. Quote the following description from Polar website.

Why use a heart rate monitor?
By monitoring heart rate, the simple observation that the harder we exercise, the faster our heart beats is put to good use. Professional athletes and amateurs alike have for decades been relying on the information provided by their heart rate monitor for the following reasons:

  1. A heart rate monitor is like a rev counter, giving a precise measurement of exercise intensity.
  2. Training at your own ideal pace is made possible with a heart rate monitor.
  3. Direct measurement of heart rate during exercise is the most accurate way to gauge performance.
  4. Progress can be monitored and measured, increasing motivation.
  5. It maximizes the benefits of exercise in a limited amount of time.
  6. It introduces objective observation. Are you on the right track? Are you improving?
  7. It is a tool for regulating frequency and intensity of workouts.
  8. Because of the immediate feedback it provides, heart rate monitoring is an ideal training partner.

How does it work?

When you start training, your heart rate increases rapidly in proportion to the intensity of the training. In Polar Heart Rate Monitors, the transmitter belt detects the electrocardiogram (ECG - the electric signal originating from your heart) and sends an electromagnetic signal to the Polar wrist receiver where heart rate information appears.

The heart moves blood from the lungs (where the blood picks up oxygen) to the muscles (which burn the oxygen as fuel) and back to the lungs again. The harder the training, the more fuel the muscles need and the harder the heart has to work to pump oxygen-rich blood to the muscles.

As you get fitter, your heart is able to pump more blood with every beat. As a result, your heart doesn’t have to beat as often to get the needed oxygen to your muscles, decreasing resting heart rate and exercise heart rate on all exertion levels.

I like this Polar F6 heart rate monitor, it keep track my workout progress and calculate how much calories burned based on my age, height, weight and the heart rate, and keep the past 12 daily and 12 weekly exercise records in the watch. To keep a longer period, Polar provide a free online workout log, just need install a client application on my computer. Polar use SonicLink to transfer data between the watch unit and PC, how it does is aim the F6 to the PC microphone, and send using sound. That's simple, it send my workout information to PC and from PC to the web, information includes workout date, time duration, mim/max heart rate, calories burned, fat % burned and etc.

I did 2 exercises last Saturday and a exercise today. 1508 kcal burned in total, not too bad. Last Saturday was my first usage, I recorded 2 extra exercises by mistake.

It's Chinese New Year, and my resolution is to reduce to body fat to 17% (current is 22%) by end of June and 14% by end October 2007! Hmm.... should able to train my six-pack by then :D

Polar F6 also come different color and different size for female, it's also available from Fitness Concept for RM475

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Restoran TK Chong @ Damansara Perdana

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Been to Damansara Perdana lately and notice this Chicken Rice and Ipoh Hor Fun restaurant. It was Saturday lunch time, the restaurant are full house and people is queuing up to take out.

I order the Ipoh Hor Fun (flat rice noodle), serve in a chicken and prawn (or pork bone?) broth with shredded chicken, prawn, spring onion and add a splash of chilies oil. Guess what, it only cost RM3.50 per bowl, very good price. The hor fun is so soft and smooth, it's like melting in my mount. The chicken shreds I got was taken from chicken tights, it's tender. The soup is very sweet, I can't help to think of MSG, however I don't feel particular thirsty after the meal where I normally would after taking a lot of MSG. I didn't clarify the shop owner or waiter. If you happen to visit this restaurant, tell me what you feel.

Overall, TK Chong is a good try.

Restoran TK Chong
5-1, Jalan PJU8/51,
Perdana Business Centre

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