Asia Cafe @ Subang SS15

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Asia Cafe food court has been mentioned many time among blogger and forums. I probably very late in blogging this. When I read boo_licious post few months back, I've already decided to go this place after once I return. I managed to pay a visit finally.

Dumplings in soup

I like dumpling. This one taste really good and better still, it selling at very reasonable price. I hope the owner would have make the dumpling skin slightly thinner and that will be fantastic.

Pan Fried Pork Dumpling (Guo Tie)

The Guo Tie is delicious too, the meat is sweet and juicy, my only complain is it fried with too much of oil. I prefer the guo tie from crystal jade, but then course crystal jade is selling the dumpling at 2x expensive than this.

La Mian in hot and spicy soup

I also ordered La Mian in hot and spicy soup from the same stall. This is not spicy enough.

Beef noodle and Beef Soup is a disappointment

Deep fried chicken breast (I asked for extra hot)

Deep fried chicken breast remind me the time I had in Taipei's night market. It's originated from Taiwan and it's available in all the night market there. It's a big piece of chicken breast, dip in batter make from flour, peppercorns, cornstarch and etc, then deep fried. When biting it, it should feel soft, not as dry as ordinary chicken breast.

I don't see much people is selling this in Klang Valley, I normally would order this if I have the chance. Howerver, this deep friend chicken breast at Asia Cafe is not as good as I hope for. I suddenly feel like having KFC Hot & Spicy extra. :p

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