Rock And Sole Plaice @ Covent Garden

Friday, June 23, 2006

When you go to a foriegn country, you want to try at least one of their local food. In London, you can find almost every cuisine available all around the world, American, Italian, French, German, Chinese, Hong Kong, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Vietnamanese, Indian, Mediterranean and etc, but what is the local food here?

One thing for sure, fish and chips restaurant is still going strong (fish and chips is famous in Australia as well). I read MF's blog and come across this fish and chips shop call Rock and Sole Plaice. Knowing they are probably the oldest and best traditional fish and chip in town, they started since 1871 and serving fish and chips over five generations.

Haddock & chips

I ordered haddock and chips. It taste really good, but it's consider normal here.. put it this way, any fish and chip shop in London is better than I can get in Kuala Lumpur. Compare those in KL, it definitely deserve a GOOD; Compare with other traditional Fish and Chips in London, it's just rated slightly better to me.

White Wine and Orange Juice

Tatar sauce, ketchup, vinegar, pepper, salt and sugar

Rock and Sole Paice
47 Endell Street, London
London WC2H 9AJ

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Gourmet Burger Kitchen

It was a Saturday noon in a month back, meeting my ex-colleagues in Richmond for lunch. This lovely couple brought me to Gourmet Burget Kitchen for gourmet burger, thanks for the lunch!

According to what I've read in the restaurant, GBK is started by 3 New Zealander, they were craving the way/the taste of how people enjoy this convenient food in New Zealand and therefore they start GBK in London. I never been to NZ, not really sure if this is the NZ taste.

GBK offer extensive range of burger, it was 23 type on the menu! From classic beef burger to chicken and lamb burger. From normal salad to avocado, cranberry. From cheddar cheese to garlic mayo, Camembert, blue cheese and etc, all kind of combination I never thought of. Let's see our food.

Avocado Bacon, Jamaican and Blue Cheese Burgers

Avocado Bacon: 100% Aberdee-Angus Scotch beef, avocado, streaky bacon, salad & ralish (£7.40)
Jamaican: 100% Aberdeen-Agus Schotch beef, mango and ginger sauce, salad & relish (£6.95)
Blue Cheese: 100% Aberdeen-Angus Scotch beef, aged stilton dressing, salad & relish (£6.90)

I had the Avocado burger, at least 5" tall
conclusion: avocado taste odd with burger :p

Coke, World Cup special edition

After the lunch, I had a walk in Richmond. Richmond is an affluent suburb in the South West London, probably one of the most expensive residential area in London.

River Thames

There was a fun fair on that day I been

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The World Heritage Site of Bath

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Another World Heritage Site I've visited. This compact city named Bath located at south west England. It's a beautiful city, due to very short stay in the town, I did not manage to capture many photos.

Bath Abbey

Bath is the only place has hot spring in England. During Roman Britain time, Romans build the Roman Baths and a big temple around the baths. The temples is gone, what we seen now is the ancient site of the baths and temple, it is a Museum today.

Ceiling of The Georgian Pump Room
It's the entrance to the Romans Bath

Great Bath

Part of the temple pediment

A wooden model of the temple

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Day trip to Brugge

Monday, June 19, 2006

Joined a day trip to Brugge (Bruges) in Belgium. Brugge is one of Europe's most appealing and picturesque cities, described as the "Venice of the North". Brugge boasts a labyrinth of canals which dissect the medieval splendor of the buildings. Brugge has classified as a World Heritage City, it need to preserve the outlook as much as it is.

It was a tiring trip, but I think it's worth, cost me £39 only.

5am in the morning, catch the first tube to town

It took 2 hours+ to reach Dover, and catch a ferry to France.

Boading to ferry at Dover

Can't remember what is this structure call, it's to block the wave

Upper deck of ferry

Away from Britain

Having my Costa coffee in the ferry
This Thai girl is planning her walking route in Bruges

Took 1.5 hours to reach French, and another 1hour+ to Brugge. The landscape in north France is pretty flat, a lot of wheat farm.

Wind Turbines in a wind farm, France

Arrived to Brugge, some of the roads are traffic free. The road is builded with stone bricks

Chocolate shop. Chocolate is Belgium famous

Lace shop, Belgium also famous for handmake lace

Hand lacemaking, Bobbin Lace is a speciality of Brugge.

Town center, tourist make the crowd


A lot of canals in Bruges.

Flea market at canal side

Church of Our Lady

Madonna with Child by Michelangelo

Inside Church of Our Lady

I had my lunch very late.
Mushroom Soup and Bread

Bruges Beer. I had the blond version
6.5% Alc yet very smooth

Very cheesy Lasagna

Ice Cream as dessert

This meal cost me 16+ euro. After the lunch, shop for some souvenir and chocolates. Spot this candy shop, handmake candy and lollypop.

Colourful candy dough

Making candy


The lollypop I bought

That's it, spend 4 hours+ in Brugge and make the way back with coach->ferry->coach to London

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