Birthday dinner at Bumbu Bali, Puchong

Friday, March 31, 2006

It's my birthday yesterday, I choosed this place for my birthday dinner because eatinout and BlowWater blog about this in the same week, it must be a nice place.

Bumbu Bali is a nice Balinese theme shop, it's a restaurant, a Cafe and it's also a home decor shop. They serve Balinese food, Balinese Western Fusion, alcohol and coffee. Likewise selling handcrafts imported from Bali (check out more photos from eatinout's blog). If you like to have some Bali handcraft for your home and yet you're not allow to go to Bali, you can get it from here, of course be expect to pay the price different.

Bumbu Bali is run by a young boss named Eddy, a former chef in Hard Rock Cafe Asia. He trained in Bali, stayed in Bali for a period, also a son-in-law of Bali who married with a Bali woman. Since he is so Bali influenced, I would like to believe what Bumbu Bali serve there is close to authentic Balinese food.

No talking too much, here are the food that we ordered.

Char-Broiled Ribeye Steak (RM 25.00)

Lamb Chop (RM 24.50)

Seafood Platter (RM 24.50)
Dory fish, Squid and Prwan

Es Campur (RM 8.50 )
it's actually milk shake with mixed fruits. Taste good!

The steak, lamb chop and seafood prepared the same way, marinated with their recipe and grilled. Eatinout was right, it tast so good without dipping the sauce.

This definitely a good one to me, recommended!

Sat on first floor, it was full house

Bumbu Bali
18 & 18-1, Jln Persiaran Puteri 1,
Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong.
Tel: 03-8061 8699

update 2/4/2006,
click map to enlarge

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Original Kayu @ Bukit Tinggi Klang

Thursday, March 30, 2006

singth called for mamak yesterday, we have never meet up in a weekday at all, so not sure what's the occacion, the gang has not meet up for long time or because is singth and my birthday today? Whatever, just a mamak session after all, we chit-chat till mid-night.

We were hanging out at Original Kayu, a nasi kandar shop originated from Penang. The Bukit Tinggi Klang branch is opened in a year or 2 ago and it become one of my favourite mamak place since then. I love the roti canai there, they have roti pisang madu, roti teluk, roti tiga rasa, roti sardin, roti planta and etc. It taste great with kari ikan, this is not something that Sri Melur Jaya can compare.

The Original Kayu is setting the next standard for nasi kandar shop in Klang, the restaurant is air-conditioned, with marble dining tables plus wooden chairs and equip with more than 4 plasma TV and a projection TV! What a luxury nasi kandar shop in Klang. The Original Kayu has other branches in in Klang Valley, I know there is one in PJ area, near to Dataran Prima.

This is what we have on the table:
singth's dinner, he say the mutton is nice.

I must introduce this roti tissue! I never seen other mamak make roti tissue in this size and shape. Could it be a trademark for Original Kayu? I don't know. It's taste good.

See? It's so long, almost same as the dining table's diameter!

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Charms Cafe @ The Curve

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Joan has a post on Little Penang last week, I was tempted after I read her post.

So I went to Fitness First The Curve today and hope to pop up at Little Penang after my workout. It was quite late after my exercise, Little Penang is closed for afternoon break.. Damn, it's Sunday why they want a afternoon break?!

Anyway got to hunt for other food. I found this Charms Cafe, it looks nice and the photos on their menu look delicious, so we decided to give a try.

This is what we ordered:

Charms Laksa (RM10.90)

Green Curry Noodles RM9.90

Cendol (RM2.50)

Ice Kacang (RM4.00)
What's the different between Cendol? It look almost the same!

Frankly, I"m quite disappointed with Charms, the actual food look so different from the menu. The charms laksa gravy taste ok though, but no much side dishes, only serve with 3 small pieces of chicken. Green curry noodles not my kind of food, dont' like it. Cendol and Ice Kacang are worse than those you can get in any foodcourt.

Lot G38, Ground Floor
Asian Courtyard, The Curve
Mutiara Damansara
47800 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7728 2206

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ikopi 爱咖啡

Friday, March 24, 2006

I know ikopi from magazine, it has been around for year but never been before. Since I was hanging around in Petaling Street area, so I took the opportunity to visit ikopi.

The people here really know coffee, you chat with them on coffee beans, grinding, water quality till brewing method, they are really serious about coffee business, I like it.

Their pricing is slightly expensive than Starbucks, however they really listen to what a customer want and help you to choose the specific beans by your preference.

This is what my colleague has ordered. Ice Drip Coffee (RM12). The coffee is brew by ice-drip coffee maker, very sophisticated method. It took 6 hours to brew the coffee therefore it must prepared 2 or 3 days earlier and store in the refrigerator before serving.

For myself, I prefer something not extreme strong, preferable with fruity or flowery taste, non spicy kind. So the baristas recommend Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans, and it's great. My coffee is prepared with syphon coffee maker.

baritas is brewing coffee with syphon coffe maker

Counting the time with sandglass, brewing time 3 minutes

Done, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee (RM18)

I also take out 100g of Brazil Santos (RM12.95), I brew coffee in office.

No. 6, 1st Floor Jln Panggong,
50000 K.L
Tel: 603-2078 7328

Update 25/2/2006, click on map for exact location

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Lien Bee (联美) Hokkien Mee @ Petaling Street

This is an unhealthy post, you may feel awful if you have high cholesterol. :p

We had our late dinner yesterday at Lien Bee @ Petaling Street. Lien Bee has been around for 60 years, the current chef is the third generation, the uncle looks young though.

Too late for dinner yet too early for supper.

Lien Bee offers authentic KL Hokkien Mee. KL Hokkien Mee is slightly different from Klang Hokkien Mee, Klang Kokkien Mee tends to wet and KL are dry, anyway the ingredients are same. I heard Hokkien Mee is originated from Petaling Street, not sure which one is the originator. Hokkien Mee in Klang valley are thick yellow noodles fried in thick dark soy sauce, together with porks, prawns/squids, fish fillet/fish cakes, vegetables, pork livers and deep fried lard. A key for good Hokkien Mee charcoal, good one must cooked over fiery charcoal stoves!

Uncle is frying Hokkien Mee with charcoal stoves

The Hokkien Mee

Hokkien Mee must eat with belacan, just like Nasi lemak with sambal

Sorry uncle, I must say your Hokkien Mee doesn't taste good! You have the right "kitchen" setting, you put the right ingediants, you have the right skills, you just need to improve in seasoning! I can't tell the exact, some taste is just missing from what a good Hokkien Mee should have.

Name: Lien Bee Hokkien Mee
Age: 60
Address: Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lok (opposite of Eon Bank)
Business Hour: 4:30pm ~ 11:30pm (close on Tuesday)

*Disclaimer: Tasting is very individual preference, it's fine if you do not agree on my comments above.

Pizza vs Satay @ USJ9

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I had my late dinner at Pizza vs Satay at USJ 9 yesterday night after my regular workout at FF @ Menara Summit. You know, when I first seen this restaurant, I was laughing.. what an odd name the restaurant has, "Pizza vs Satay"?? Eating pizza with satay? or Satay Pizza? whatever.. never bother to step into this restaurant at that time.

What make me step into Pizza vs Satay yesterday then? I read some reviews saying their Nasi Lemak probably is one of the best in town! This statement is convincing enuff to pay them a visit.

Great Food Served Here?

The light is warm, setting is comfortable.

You can see a lot of media has reviewed Pizza vs Satay, they frame up all the reviews from newspaper and magazine and hang on one side of the wall, I snap some of it:
Almost all the major English and Malay newspaper/magazine's food review column is on the wall, including The Star, The Edge, Berita Harian, Malay Mail, Flavours, Day & Night.. and many more. Most of the reviews talk about their nasi Lemak, due to all these, I have very high expectation to Pizza vs Satay.

This is what we have ordered:

Pizza vs Satay most famous Nasi Lemak Set
(RM7.90 with a glass of tasteless Ice Lemon Tea)

Another popular dish Satay Set - Chicken (RM6.90)

The Nasi Lemak sambal is slightly sweet, not very hot. Sambal Sotong and Rendang Ayam just normal; The rice is cooked with coconut milk, but the taste was not strong enough.

Chicken Stay, unlike satay from other places, you hardly spot any fat from the satay. The taste is ok, the kuah is average. I must say, Hj. Samuri Satay Kajang is serving better Satay than this.

Most probably I won't return to Pizza vs. Stay again. Not sure is my tastebuds different from those professional food reviewer? Or because I arrived late (~10pm) and they were not keen in serving me..

Fly with G-FORCE X anti-gravity machine (video)

Sunday, March 19, 2006

AJ Hackett has brought the ultimate bungy experience, G-FORCE X ("reverse bungy") to town, perhaps it's the hottest ride at the moment. I've experience it with SC on Saturday afternoon, weather was pretty hot (around 36°C), there wasn't any other customer at that moment and due to that, the crews were too free so they offered me for shooting following vidoe clips :p

If I can use one word to describe the experience, then it would be "Syok!"
If I can use two words to describe the exprience, then must be "Damn expensive!". It cost us RM120 for the 30 seconds of ride!

According to The Star: "The G Force X is the highest reverse bungy facility in Asia." I doubt it indeed, the G Froce X doesn't shot as high as I thought. It claim to be the highest maybe due to it's located at Bukit Nanas, the same location where KL Tower located. We get to see the KL scenes when we shot to the top.

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Friday Dinner @ Bangkok Jam Thai Restaurant

Friday after work, colleagues and I went to Bangkok Jam Thai @ Low Yat for dinner. Bangkok Jam is TY's favorite Thai restaurant, since he is so familiar with this place so he is volunteer to order the foods. This is what we had:

Spicy Thai Tom Yam Seafood(with coconut milk) (RM8.90)

Spicy Thai Tom Yam Seafood (clear) (RM8.90)

Green Curry Chicken (RM13.90)

Deep Fried Prawn with Tammarin Sauce (RM24.90)

Roasted Duck with Brown Sauce Serve with baby Kailan (RM16.90)

Stir Fried Beancurd with Chinese Mushroom (RM13.90)

Deed Fried Fish Cutlets (RM15.90)

Long Island Ice Tea

This is the first time I dine in Bangkok Jam. I must say I like the food, TY make the right recommendation! The only complain I have is serving size too small.. as you can see from the photos..

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Fall In Love with Xiao Long Bao

Friday, March 17, 2006

When talk about Xiao Long Bao (Shanghai Steamed Pork Dumpling, 小籠包), the name Din Tai Fung must come to people's mind. Din Tai Fung is originated from Taiwan and today, they have opened up branches in USA, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia. Their Xiao Long Bao is superb, no one should doubt about it.

In Malaysia, nice "Xiao Long Bao" only available in Klang Valley in this couple of years. A nice Xiao Long Bao must full of soup in the dumpling, soup and stuffing must be tasty and and dumpling skin must be thin yet flexible enough. The dumpling skin should not break when pickup by chopstick. Traditionally each Xiao Long Bao make of 18 folds.

Most of the places in KL serve normal pork Xiao Long Bao only, it could due to Xiao Long Bao still a new to here. There are more varieties overseas where you can find Xiao Long Bao in pork with crabmeat/crab roe, Xiao Long Bao with pork and shrimp.

I’ve fall in love in first sight with this Xiao Long Bao in 3 or 4 years back at Crystal Jade Singapore (Din Tai Fung haven’t open in SG at that time), till now, I still can’t resist of this little one; I’ve visited Crystal Jade @ Lot 10 for x number of time since they open on May 2005 just because of this little one.

There are other places in Klang Valley serve decent Xiao Long Bao, I listed the names I know by my personal ranking:

  1. Shanghai Restaurant at JW Marriot, Bukit Bintang (I don’t go often due to pricy)
  2. Crystal Jade at Lot 10, Bukit Bintang
  3. Dragon-I at Cititel KL and One Utama PJ
  4. Chuai Heng at Jalan Imbi
  5. Chef Loong at SS2 (open from evening until midnight)

I would appreciate if you could suggest for any other places serve nice Xiao Long Bao. These are the places SHOULD NOT go for Xiao Long Bao, rank from the worst:
  1. Esquire Kitchen
  2. Shanghai Ding Tai Feng at SS2 (this is not the real Din Tai Fung)
  3. Jogoya Kuala Lumpur
  4. Su Zhou Noodle House at Citrus Park, Plaza OUG
  5. Xin Shanghai at Jalan Sultan Ismail
I've been to Crystal Jade yesterday and these are the Xiao Long Bao together with other foods we ordered:

Normal pork Xiao Long Bao(RM7 for 4)

This is a fusion one, pork Xiao Long Bao with French goose liver (RM9 for 3)

Pan fried pork Dumpling, quite nice. (RM6 for 3)

Radish Pastries (Edit on 18/3/2006)

"La Mian" with Boneless Beef Tender"

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*Disclaimer: Tasting is very individual preference, I did not receive any benefits from any restaurants mentioned above. Thus, it's fine if you do not agreed on what I've written up there.

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