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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I realize that I've never post anything on Klang/Port Klang seafood in my blog!

Port Klang is famous for seafood, at least few 10s seafood restaurant in this area. Among these places, Teluk Gong (near to west port) and Tanjung Harapan (near to north port) are popular by Subang/PJ/KL foodster as I notice quite some cars with federal territory number plate at these 2 places. Pandamaran is another popular place to have seafood, usually visited by local people. My comments on these 2 places from my past visit:

Teluk Gong
Location: West Port, easy to access, all the way from Kesas Highway.
Restaurant numbers: Should be handful, not eating in Teluk Gong for long time.
Uniqueness: Restaurants are surrounding with palm tree.
Average Food Quality: Medium to bad
Price: Very Cheap

Tanjung Harapan
Location: North Port, easy to access. From NKVE or Federal Highway, exit at Bukit Raja and take Shapadu Highway, all the way toward the end.
Restaurant numbers: Should be handful to 10+
Uniqueness: Restaurants located at seaside. Sea view.
Average Food Quality: Medium to good.
Price: Relatively pricey compare to other place in Port Klang.

Location: Pandamaran, hard to access. This place used to call seafood village, where Klang seafood is famous starting from this place.
Restaurant numbers: handful
Uniqueness: Nothing special
Average Food Quality: Medium to good.
Price: Cheap

I've the brunch at a seafood restaurant in Pandamaran called Klang Seafood, 6 people order 6 dishes and these are what we had:

Fried bean noodle (RM12)

This is the best fried bean noodle I tried so far. a lot of ingredients, squid, dried shrimp, minced meat, vegetables and etc, it's full of flavor. I always order this dish when I have meal here, apparently fried bean noodle is one of the famous dishes.

Deep fried seafood bean curd(RM6 discounted price)

I like the seafood bean curd, make from very fresh seafood by the restaurant, very big piece and only cost 50 cents per piece due to promotional items.

Fried Oyster Egg (RM20)

The oyster egg is quite expensive at the moment, the flood in Johor is causing the oyster cost went up. Still, I like this fried oyster egg. The oyster is quite big size and the chef put quite a lot of the oyster in the dish.

Claypot seafood soup (RM20 discounted price)

Claypot seafood soup are fish maw,vegetables, mushroom, fish slices, shrimps and cook with ginger. Nice.

Salt Baked Crabs (RM30)

I'm trying to eat crab cooked in this way, not bad, can taste the sweetness of the crab meat.

Kam Heong Crabs 甘香螃蟹 (RM30)

Despite the crabs is smaller than usual and more expensive, this is the best seafood meal I ever have in this restaurant. Could it because it's still early? We were the fist customer of the day where arrive at 11:30am.

Due to the flood and the fisherman strike, seafood is more expensive than usual. One thing I must mentioned, the restaurant selected few dishes as daily promotional item, which is 50% cheaper than usual. The seafood bean curd and seafood soup are promotional items.

Klang Seafood
1330, Jalan Nipah,
Pandamaran, 42000 Port Klang.
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: +603-3168 0171

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Posted by whistler at 3:37 PM  


omg, what a hearty meal you had!!! i feel so hungry now looking at your pictures....:D

MeiyeN said...
1/16/2007 3:54 PM  

crabs! you should not have posted it.

wk said...
1/17/2007 3:07 AM  

Great, now that we have a Klang food Blogger u should give us your top 10 food places 2 visit !

Including Kapar and Meru. Can ah ?

toniXe said...
1/17/2007 9:20 AM  

meiyen: hehehe.. It's a lot for 6 of us.
wk: rite, it's crab!
tonixe: hahaha.. I wish, not sure if I can.

whistler said...
1/17/2007 1:03 PM  

Wah, not only Klang reference but also pork ribs specialist. Food and pixs look really good.

boo_licious said...
1/17/2007 11:54 PM  

boo_licioius: pai seh, you're the legend of flogger, I'm not dare to be any food specialist.

whistler said...
1/18/2007 10:09 AM  

Teluk Gong quality is so bad, but still lot of people heading to dine there. the restaurant you posted seems good, and that's the way (baked) i had crab every time i visit Bukit Tambun, they called this style "ping".

tekko said...
1/18/2007 2:42 PM  

Teluk Gong when first booming was good... it turn bad after that. I guess ppl go for the cheap seafood. There's another small place with 2 restaurant inner in the estates after teluk gong. Not sure if you have heard of the place. Seafood there is ok and cheap.

teckiee said...
1/20/2007 10:07 AM  

love your new template..and the pictures are great..drooling over it

1/22/2007 1:13 AM  

teckiee: Not too sure the place, are you referring Pulau Carrey? I know Pulau Carrey but not going to that place for long time. That side has reasonable good seafood and cheap too.

kampungboycitygal: Thanks ;)

whistler said...
1/22/2007 10:57 AM  

One of these days, I need to cook up a dish of Kam Heong crabs or clams. ;)

Rasa Malaysia said...
1/22/2007 11:47 AM  

wow! I never try this seafood restaurant before ler! All the food look so good and the price was reasonable! Can invite me to go along next time?

Jackson said...
1/23/2007 4:35 PM  

oOo the clay pot seafood soup looks great

KY said...
1/24/2007 3:40 PM  

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