Four Seasons Restaurant @ Bayswater

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I'm not been writing for days, life is freaking in London! So, keep it short.

I manage to visit to London city center last weekend, and we have lunch at this restaurant name Four Season, recommended by boo_licious. Thanks boo. It took us a while to found this shop cos I"m not familiar with the place.

Snap some pics before the food is served

Here is the food!
Cantonese Roast Duck, £6+ per portion

Char Siu Rice £5+

Siu Yoke Rice £5+

BBQ Mixed Rice £5+

It's nice overall, my only complain is the rice, it's too soft and wet. Four Seasons is one of the famous Chinese Restaurant in London City. I reckon there is another famous Chinese Restaurant in the same area, will pay a visit if I have chance.

Four Seasons Restaurant
84 Queensway
London, England W2

Posted by whistler at 2:55 AM  


WTF?!!? Why are you eating chinese food there? So fast already miss chinese food meh?

I doubt its really that good. You must be homesick already. So any thing chinese also must taste good. :))

Water Blower said...
5/09/2006 12:33 PM  

water blower : hmm... I have same opinion here too, from the pictures, look not yummy ler.

tekko said...
5/09/2006 2:34 PM  

haha. The char siu is so so, I prefer the Thong Sing Road char siu at Jalan Alor. The Cantonese roast duck are nice seriously, I haven't taste anything better than this in KL.

whistler said...
5/09/2006 4:53 PM  

whistler - glad u took up the recommendation for the roast duck. Reason why it tastes really good is becoz European ducks are meatier hence it's much better vs the Msian ones which are all skinny fellas.

Not too sure abt the other food as we always only eat roast duck. Other places you can try are Mayflower and Royal China at Chinatown but they are pricier so you may want to try them when u really miss Chinese food. Guess you should start hitting the English pubs for roast meats, pies, steamed puddings and etc. Near Bayswater is Khans which has great Northern Indian food and there's also Whiteleys to watch movies.

boo_licious said...
5/09/2006 11:11 PM  

ooh, i miss this place. but i ate more thai/indian food in bayswater than chinese.

Khan's a sure thing for indian and if you have a student id, they give a discount.

the thai restaurant next to (or near) khan's is also good for their salads. however, bit steep in pricing as portion's quite small.

jasmine said...
5/15/2006 12:52 AM  

It's true that it's the best duck rice in London. Dun try any duck rise in Chinatown, can't find any can compare with this

The duck is different from KL kind of roast duck, i means the duck meat itself., It's HongKong style of roast duc, more 'yao shui', and the meat is not very tick, easy to eat.

Last time when i visit, the duck was serve a bit cold, maybe it's their food culture, never serve hot food!

MF said...
5/19/2006 12:36 AM  

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