Dim Sum lunch at Yi-Ban

Friday, May 26, 2006

LL left the company on February and started her adventure in London. If you do remember the name LL, we had our farewell in Luna Bar on the week she left.

WL and I met her in London last weekend, she buy us dim sum lunch in this cozy Chinese restaurant named Yi-Ban at east London. This probably one of the most “high class” restaurant I ever go after 3 weeks in London.

We have arrived quite early, not many people in the restaurant yet.

Raining day

The restaurant located next to a dockside of River Thames, very nice view. The balcony section is open during summer time, should be more joyful to sit outside. I’ve a feeling of returning to KL. The waiter and waitress are Chinese, most diners are Asian and it’s broadcasting Chinese songs.

We’re here for dim sum. Check out the menu, there are more than 70 items including the weekend special!

And these are the dim sum we had:

Egg Tarts and Char Siu pastries

Fried prawn dumpling, taste real nice with mayonnaise

Chee Cheong Fun with Char Siu, Scallop and Prawn

Chee Cheong Fun with Oil Stick

And dessert

Coconut Mousse

Sweet Mango Pudding

Mixed Fruits with Tapioca

All the dim sum cost £2 ~ £2.50. The tastes are ok and look very nice. The chef really spends the effort into these dim sum to make it look tasty.

Yi-Ban Chinese Restaurant
Dockland Branch
London Regatta Center
Dockside Road
London E16 2QT
Tel: +44 (020) 7473 6699

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Posted by whistler at 10:15 PM  


Char Leong! Yum Yum, my fav HK food. Still remember queuing up for dim sum in the cold - not very pleasant.

boo_licious said...
5/27/2006 3:25 AM  

Oil Stick -_-" . So nice. I havent try Chee Cheong Fun with kayu minyak inside it..

jyau said...
5/27/2006 4:30 AM  

LL buy u guys lunch? Ai... I should go then.

tekko said...
5/27/2006 10:13 AM  

the dimsum price are cheap before conversion compare to malaysia..

Dragon City said...
5/27/2006 10:38 AM  

jyau: sorry for my poor english :p It's called Char Leong as mentioned by boo_licious.
tulan: come next time, and ask LL for lunch :D
dragon city: yes, you're right. In fact everything is cheap if not convert to ringgit. Gardenia Jumbo loaf in KL is RM2.xx, in London, a Jumbo loaf cost 28p till 88p and yet better quality. Big Mac Meal is RM7.20 and it's £3.30 in London! Petrol is RM1.92/l and £0.965/l. Proton Savy is RM43k and £6k in London (of course, no one will buy a proton in here, £6k can get a very good second hand Mercedes or BMW) :p

whistler said...
5/30/2006 8:02 PM  

hope you don't mind if i link you to my xanga's blog. =D

tyna said...
6/07/2006 1:38 PM  

tyna : It's my pleasure, thanks for tagging me :)

whistler said...
6/07/2006 5:43 PM  

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