Day trip to Brugge

Monday, June 19, 2006

Joined a day trip to Brugge (Bruges) in Belgium. Brugge is one of Europe's most appealing and picturesque cities, described as the "Venice of the North". Brugge boasts a labyrinth of canals which dissect the medieval splendor of the buildings. Brugge has classified as a World Heritage City, it need to preserve the outlook as much as it is.

It was a tiring trip, but I think it's worth, cost me £39 only.

5am in the morning, catch the first tube to town

It took 2 hours+ to reach Dover, and catch a ferry to France.

Boading to ferry at Dover

Can't remember what is this structure call, it's to block the wave

Upper deck of ferry

Away from Britain

Having my Costa coffee in the ferry
This Thai girl is planning her walking route in Bruges

Took 1.5 hours to reach French, and another 1hour+ to Brugge. The landscape in north France is pretty flat, a lot of wheat farm.

Wind Turbines in a wind farm, France

Arrived to Brugge, some of the roads are traffic free. The road is builded with stone bricks

Chocolate shop. Chocolate is Belgium famous

Lace shop, Belgium also famous for handmake lace

Hand lacemaking, Bobbin Lace is a speciality of Brugge.

Town center, tourist make the crowd


A lot of canals in Bruges.

Flea market at canal side

Church of Our Lady

Madonna with Child by Michelangelo

Inside Church of Our Lady

I had my lunch very late.
Mushroom Soup and Bread

Bruges Beer. I had the blond version
6.5% Alc yet very smooth

Very cheesy Lasagna

Ice Cream as dessert

This meal cost me 16+ euro. After the lunch, shop for some souvenir and chocolates. Spot this candy shop, handmake candy and lollypop.

Colourful candy dough

Making candy


The lollypop I bought

That's it, spend 4 hours+ in Brugge and make the way back with coach->ferry->coach to London

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Nice to have break like this sometimes... but I'm more prefer to stay there... maybe for 2 days or 3...

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