Rock And Sole Plaice @ Covent Garden

Friday, June 23, 2006

When you go to a foriegn country, you want to try at least one of their local food. In London, you can find almost every cuisine available all around the world, American, Italian, French, German, Chinese, Hong Kong, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Vietnamanese, Indian, Mediterranean and etc, but what is the local food here?

One thing for sure, fish and chips restaurant is still going strong (fish and chips is famous in Australia as well). I read MF's blog and come across this fish and chips shop call Rock and Sole Plaice. Knowing they are probably the oldest and best traditional fish and chip in town, they started since 1871 and serving fish and chips over five generations.

Haddock & chips

I ordered haddock and chips. It taste really good, but it's consider normal here.. put it this way, any fish and chip shop in London is better than I can get in Kuala Lumpur. Compare those in KL, it definitely deserve a GOOD; Compare with other traditional Fish and Chips in London, it's just rated slightly better to me.

White Wine and Orange Juice

Tatar sauce, ketchup, vinegar, pepper, salt and sugar

Rock and Sole Paice
47 Endell Street, London
London WC2H 9AJ

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Posted by whistler at 10:10 PM  


Did you mean Covent Garden? I really miss the UK. I've been to the places that you featured here -London, Richmond, Bath, Stonehenge, Brugge, France, etc. when I was a student in England. Are you going to York, Scotland & Eastern Europe as well? Those places are worth a visit.

SkyJuice7 said...
6/28/2006 8:02 PM  

thanks skyjuice7 for correction, I make a spelling mistake :D I may not go to York and Scotland, most probably will go to eastern europe, too less time and $$$ yet too many places I want to go.

whistler said...
6/28/2006 8:09 PM  

wow!!it looks awesome

5/30/2009 8:07 PM  

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