London summer

Monday, June 12, 2006

Last weekend was hot, the hot summer weather has arrived to London finally. Weather report forecasted 28° Celsius, but I certainly believe the temperature is higher than 28°. The feeling is like returned to Malaysia. Everywhere is green and all flowers from previous post has fallen.

Hyde Park

The weather on last weekend was great to enjoy sun bathing. I had a walk to Hyde Park in London city center last Saturday, you can see lot of people are enjoying the sunlight, a lot of bikini babes too. :p

Sun bathing..

Lake in the middle of Hyde Park

The swams are gorgeous

Boating on the lake

Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park is joining together and right opposite of Green Park and St James’s Park, all these form the largest park in London City center. More photos taken in Hyde Park:

Princess Diana Memorial Fountain

The water was cold.
People are soaking their legs in the fountain. It's refreshing.

This little girl was so happy.
She keep tumbling on the park

I was at the Oxford Street in the same day and witness The World Naked Bike Ride by chance. There are hundreds of naked guys and girls riding bicycle or roller blade on the street. I was shock (or rather syok?) to see this :p

Some are wearing short, undies, bikini and some are completely naked.

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You should've join in the fun man.:P I am sure all your readers will love to see you naked :))

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