Pork Noodle @ Restoran Hong Cha, OUG

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Another pork noodle post. I want to compare the OUG pork noodle after my visit to Quilin. It's has years since my last visit to OUG

The owner of this shop is selling pork noodle in a coffee shop during day time; then sell pork noodle in another shop called Restoran Hong Cha from evening till night. Both the shop in OUG, and funny enuff, both the shops are just nearby. This is my first visit to Hong Cha restaurant for pork noodle. Hong Cha serve pork noodle, seafood noodle, Sushi and Tempura. Do you ever wonder what the heck a pork noodle resturant sell Sushi and Tempura? I heard this story, the owner used to work in Japanese restaurant, then he run the pork noodle stall and shop after left the Japanese restaurant. Hence, he sell Japanese food, even the pork noodle, it's Japanese influenced. The pork noodle is different from others, the noodle is cooked with squid and prawn. The seafood does sweeten the soup.

I can't find the taste I used have last time... (last visit was the other coffee shop), maybe just because of my poor memories, couldn't remember well. Compare this to Quilin, Quilin's version is sweeter (could it because of msg? not sure) and spicy, Hong Cha's soup is relatively flat. Ingredient wise, Hong Cha is winner due to seafood. Hong Cha has more shredded pork and Quilin has more minced pork; Qulin has pork lark and Hong Cha don't (I don't like the lark anyway). Both the pork noodle taste good to me, Quilin has strong taste and Hong Cha has more natural taste.

One more thing I must mentioned, the Hong Cha's waiter/waitress are very friendly.

Restoran Hong Cha
Shop lot behind the Steven's corner, OUG


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