Birthday dinner at Bumbu Bali, Puchong

Friday, March 31, 2006

It's my birthday yesterday, I choosed this place for my birthday dinner because eatinout and BlowWater blog about this in the same week, it must be a nice place.

Bumbu Bali is a nice Balinese theme shop, it's a restaurant, a Cafe and it's also a home decor shop. They serve Balinese food, Balinese Western Fusion, alcohol and coffee. Likewise selling handcrafts imported from Bali (check out more photos from eatinout's blog). If you like to have some Bali handcraft for your home and yet you're not allow to go to Bali, you can get it from here, of course be expect to pay the price different.

Bumbu Bali is run by a young boss named Eddy, a former chef in Hard Rock Cafe Asia. He trained in Bali, stayed in Bali for a period, also a son-in-law of Bali who married with a Bali woman. Since he is so Bali influenced, I would like to believe what Bumbu Bali serve there is close to authentic Balinese food.

No talking too much, here are the food that we ordered.

Char-Broiled Ribeye Steak (RM 25.00)

Lamb Chop (RM 24.50)

Seafood Platter (RM 24.50)
Dory fish, Squid and Prwan

Es Campur (RM 8.50 )
it's actually milk shake with mixed fruits. Taste good!

The steak, lamb chop and seafood prepared the same way, marinated with their recipe and grilled. Eatinout was right, it tast so good without dipping the sauce.

This definitely a good one to me, recommended!

Sat on first floor, it was full house

Bumbu Bali
18 & 18-1, Jln Persiaran Puteri 1,
Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong.
Tel: 03-8061 8699

update 2/4/2006,
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Posted by whistler at 10:43 AM  


Happy belated birthday!

Water Blower said...
3/31/2006 1:50 PM  

Happy belated birthday fren .. Try the steamboat behind bumbu. i heard it is pretty decent. But not the chinese ala kim gary restaurant beside it.

jyau said...
3/31/2006 4:20 PM  

Happy Belated Birthday! Yes, Bumbu Bali rocks - love the food there.

boo_licious said...
4/04/2006 8:11 AM  

boo_licious: thank you ;)

whistler said...
4/06/2006 12:09 AM  

Aiyoh, dunno it's ur b'day lar. Hope it's ok for me to wish u "Happy Belated B'day"! BTW, any idea whether they r open 4 lunch on weekends? PS. Your snaps r so mouth watering :D

Kay said...
4/20/2006 12:56 PM  

thank you, they are open daily.

whistler said...
4/20/2006 2:10 PM  

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