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Saturday, March 04, 2006

I visited my very best friend MNG (not MANGO) at Kota Kemuning today. This is the first time I visit her after her 7 months of pregnancy, sorry MNG :p

We had our lunch in Padi Prada, a restaurant in Kota Kemuning, just next to KK sales office. Padi Prada offer Penang/Nyona home-style dishes. The restaurant is cozy, the lighting and table setting is just nice for home-style dining.

We order Tau Yew Bak(RM12) and Gula Tumai(RM18), and Padi Prada Special Juice (RM3) to drink.

Padi Prada Special Juice looks like a lime juice with sour plum but taste different. It's actually ambarella juice with sour plum, quite nice.

Tau Yew Bak is "3 layer" pork belly cooked in dark soy sauce together with hard-boiled eegs and herbs, normally we call this as Loh Bak. The meat is cut into a single bite size and cook until tender. Surprisingly neither the sauce nor the meat is oily, it does not really scare off those health conscious people.

Gulai Tumis, or simply call this as Asam Fish.

You see, this is really a home-style dinning. the different of Padi's version is sweet, much sweeter than what my mom will cook.. put it this way, sweet dishes tends to appetize people more, so I believe Padi Prada do it on purpose.

Complimentary dessert, green bean soup, cooked with water chestnut and barley.

After all, it's home-style, I would prefer mummy style. Still I will return for more if I pay MNG a visit next time, I want to try their Sambal Udang, Jiu Hoo Char, Otak-Otak.. so, wait for my next post on Padi Prada

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Posted by whistler at 6:45 PM  


The juice you ordered is quite common in Penang, but in KL, hardly see any restaurant selling this... and the Tau Yew Bak, normally Penang chinese eat this with Nasi Lemak, cool rite :p

tekko said...
3/05/2006 12:52 PM  

Meaning this Padi Prada really an authentic Penang restaurant! I'm pasankia, never taste a ambarella juice before

whistler said...
3/05/2006 12:58 PM  

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